So Long 2012

Every day my mouse hovers near the WordPress Dashboard link on my Bookmarks Bar and never once makes it to the “click” phase. With each passing day I felt a little guiltier like I’m neglecting an important writing outlet. After all, I write nearly every day: working on short stories, outlining new ideas, the occasional pitch. I am, dare I say, prolific? Yet a blog post is seemingly out of reach and I wonder how many other bloggers struggle with the start-stop-start of blogging?

Six weeks are enough of a lag time though and let’s face it, the type-A girl that I am would be mortified if you looked at my archives and noticed there was a month missing (see: March and July 2012, not to be repeated). In thinking about my first foray back to blogdom after an extended absence I couldn’t decide on a topic, so I figured a brief synopsis on five events that would have been separate blog posts had I got my act together:


I signed up to attend my first writing workshop in March 2013, the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat in Washington. I’ll be traveling outside the NYC-metro area to attend a writing workshop, with my fellow writers to learn more about the craft of literary memoir. This is a big step for me in the “Erin as a Writer” phase of my life. Now if I can just keep my expectations in check, it should be a once in a lifetime experience. Hmm, rereading that last sentence, I think I may be in trouble with the expectation thing.


Connected with old friends…in real life. Facebook is great; you can catch up with friends by writing snarky updates, Instagram your meal and leaving clever comments that will elicit a like or two, but it’s all too easy to leave your interactions at that. You don’t actually have to actively see your friends anymore to keep in touch. You can easily go about your life and feel connected without ever picking up the phone. Even though it took awhile to schedule with the holiday madness, I managed a few face-to-face catch-ups, broke bread and caught up on the latest “wait ’til you get a load of this” stories. At the end of each get together, we all shared the same, “I’m so glad we did this, it’s been too long” sentiment. I’m hopeful to see more of this happening in 2013.


Speaking of Instagram. Thanks to the TOS debacle, I decided to tell Facebook where to go and deleted my Instagram account. I felt free of at least one social media tether and empowered in a “stick it to the man” kind-of-way.  Although I suppose if I think about it, Facebook still has access to about 95% of my personal life to sell to advertisers. But it’s about the small victory, right? And I now pledge my allegiance to lo-mob.


“Wow, you’re younger than the majority of patients I see,” was the welcome I received from the cardiologist. About a month ago my dad had quadruple bypass. Pretty gnarly, but he’s on the mend and the prognosis looks good. He has a new outlook on keeping his health in check and, thanks to the hospital nutritionist, has vowed to kick fake sugar to the curb (despite my urgings for years to do so). The one unintended side effect? Me having chest pains that caused me to go to the cardiologist for an EKG, stress test and echocardiogram. Thankfully, nothing major popped up that was cause for concern. Were they sympathy pains? Maybe. But over the years I’ve learned to trust my body, it’s really good at telling me when something is up. And given my father’s cardio history and friends who are currently going through some major health stuff, I now have a baseline of my heart health and that’s pretty darn cool.


I got a black eye for Christmas! Yes, you read that right. I received my first black eye on Christmas Eve courtesy of a noggin-heavy 4-year old. He was so excited at the prospect of me flipping him upside down he decided a head butt would be the appropriate way to say thanks. The funny thing is, when my girlfriends (who are all mothers) asked how I got it and I start with the, “well, I was playing with Liam and…” they give me a knowing a look, interrupt and say, “head butt?” Who knew this was a common occurrence with the preschool set?

And with that, my 2012 blog entries come to a close. Who knows what 2013 will hold—more consistent entries? Finding my blogger voice? A redesign? The possibilities are…endless.


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