Charting a New Course

After what appeared to be a relatively long bout of writer’s block, I’ve managed to find my way through to the other side. And what did I find? A draft blog post with one lone sentence. Oye. Wish it was better than that, but it is what it is.

In the month I took off from blog writing, I’ve managed to become fully integrated into my job as Director of Communications for HealthyWomen, watched my brother get married in Colorado and traveled to Boston for work, New Hampshire for pleasure, become an avid beach volleyball player and a triathlete-in-training. All of this leaves me pressed for time, but with a lot of great content to write about.

Enter BlogHER 2012. For the first year I’m attending the conference. I’m there in a dual-capacity: on the one hand to meet health bloggers that I may want to connect with down the road for my job and the other is to learn more about blogging: how I can improve my site, from HTML to design, what new tools I can add to my blog, and more importantly to meet and learn from other bloggers. I’m excited about the prospect of what awaits me and feel like the possibilities are endless.

After all, the process of getting a blog off the ground is a relatively easy one. Find a platform you like, pick a template, think about what you want to write about and then start writing. Where you go from there is entirely up to you.

When I re-entered the world of blogging a year ago, I decided to write about travel. Whether it was a planned trip overseas to give my passport a workout, throwing a bag in the car and driving down the Shore to partake in a quintessential New Jersey summer day or curling up with a travelogue, I thought I had it all figured out.

But over the course of the year, my thoughts about blogging have changed. While travel is definitely a passion, more importantly, I identify as a writer (with a variety of interests). I don’t want to be pigeon-holed by this one aspect of my life that I love. So I think I’m going to be making a change [gulp].

Since the domain is effectively my name, why not tell you, dear reader(s), about the stories that inspire me. Why not build on what I love about travel (namely, the opportunity to connect with other people and the world around us, a gift that opens our eyes to our shared humanity) and talk about other aspects of this life that move me, namely, living simply and all that it entails (being a good environmental steward, eating cleanly/healthily, lowering my carbon footprint and getting out in nature to do the things that I love, etc).

So while I figure out my next step, be prepared for a change or two. I hope you’ll join [or stick with] me on this writing journey. I’ve got to say (as I write this on a NJ Transit train bound for NYC), I’m looking forward to where the future takes me.


3 thoughts on “Charting a New Course

  1. New beginnings CAN be intimidating, but exciting, too. Best of luck with the new beginning – you can’t go wrong if you’re true to yourself. Bon Voyage!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Carol. It does feel a little intimidating, but after mulling it over the past few days I think it’s the right direction. It’s as you said, if I stay true to myself I can’t go wrong.

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