Necessary Baggage

There is something delightful about air travel. From closing my eyes and feeling my spine gently press into the seat back as the plane tilts for take-off to peering out at the patchwork of fields below, the idea of being in transit thrills me. You’ve left behind one destination and what waits for you is a complete unknown. In fact, as I write this, I’m en route to Colorado, 35,000 ft above the Eastern half of the United States, hurtling towards the Rocky Mountains for my brother’s wedding.

But for me, the best part about the plane trip has to be the concentrated quiet time to read, listen to music or watch a film. When I pack my carry-on bag for a trip I find myself bringing the must-have entertainment items (a.k.a. reading) to keep me enthralled for the duration of the flight. So what did I bring this time around?

I recently scored the best bag from Brooklyn Industries. More than just a handbag, the center zippered portion is roomy enough to hold the traditional “purse” items – wallet, sunglasses, eyeglasses, gum and the necessary Le Sportsac cosmetic bag filled with lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand cream, etc.). But my favorite attribute? The two large pockets on both sides of the bag. It’s perfect for a few magazines (National Geographic Traveler and AFAR for this trip), my Moleskine and pencil case. The other side holds my iPad and spiffy new Logitech ZAGG keyboard.


Tangent: I’m in love with my iPad right now. It’s truly a type-A, organizational Virgo gal’s dream come true. I hadn’t often traveled with it before, choosing instead of carry my Kindle, but now with the keyboard, my iPad becomes a mini-computer (with less heft), allowing me to write a blog post (thanks to the WordPress app). When I’m done writing I can hop over to my Kindle app and finish reading my newest book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed (brilliant book, more on that later) or launch Zinio and read the latest issue of Women’s Adventure magazine.

So here I sit, three hours to go in my flight and my blog post is done (although it won’t be posted until later). I’m feeling as giddy as a little kid on the last day of school, clamoring for summer vacation. Now off to read. So many choices, the possibilities are endless…

And with that, I’ll throw it out to you. What are your carry-on bag must-haves?


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