Confessions of a Slacker

I can’t believe it’s December 9th and I’ve gone eight days without a single blog entry.

It could be due to the lack of a 30 Day challenge or the immense amount of work on my plate, but I find I’ve missed it. A lot. And to add to it, reading “Truth & Beauty” by Ann Patchett, which is all about writing and relationships, I feel admiration for the writers who are devoted to their craft and simultaneous guilt for not making it a priority.

I miss the feeling of sitting in front of my computer, the cool glow of a blank Word document staring at me waiting for inspiration to strike or writing until it does. So instead, I’m on my iPhone attempting to use the WordPress app as NJ Transit hurtles us towards Red Bank. It while it may not be much, it’s a start. And sometimes the smallest endeavor is all it takes to be the start of something bigger.

So here’s to the exercise and the creativity that follows…


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Slacker

  1. I’m dreaming of when I can ditch the laptop for an iPad with a bluetooth keyboard. It’d make blogging on the go much easier.

    I still compose a lot of stuff longhand. I get frustrated with waiting to get to a computer.

    • I hear you — I love the portability aspect of a bluetooth keyboard. I was checking out a couple, one by Zagg and found one at Brookstone. For some reason I can’t commit just yet. They seem ok, not great (according to user feedback).

      That’s awesome you still rock longhand writing, there is nothing quite like it. No matter how advanced the technology gets, I don’t think anything will replace my Moleskine…

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