Gizmos, Gadgets and Gear…Oh My!

Stuff. It really is a necessary evil.

Sitting here today on my day off, I spent a portion of my morning cleaning my apartment and was amazed at how much “stuff” I’ve accumulated in the 7+ years I’ve lived in New York/New Jersey. Since I moved to New York with a duffel bag of clothes, over the years have simply acquired things – furnishing for my apartments (either purchased or inherited from former roommates), clothing, movies and books, electronic gizmos of the i [insert appropriate Pod/Phone/Pad] variety, kitchen gadgets and the grand poohbah of all: camping/hiking/climbing gear.

Gear. Glorious gear.

The stuff that traveler’s fantasies are made of — be it the multi-faceted Swiss Army knife or compression pack that doubles as a pillow and quick-wicking towel. I could spend hours perusing the wares at REI or dog-earing the pages of Outside, Runner’s World or National Geographic Traveler for items to add to my ever-growing wish list.

So here’s to gear.

Day 28: Gear

The right gear can make or break your trip. What is your favorite/must-have gear item? 

When I think of my most favorite, must-have item it’s ever so slightly less bells and whistle-y, but oh so functional. And for me, a type-A, organizational girl, it’s a dream come true.

Travel containers. Or, more precisely GoToobs.

Over the years, I’ve tried pretty much every single travel container imaginable. From tracking down miniature sizes of the products I use (which has a certain aesthetic appeal) to the rugged Nalgene variety, I am always on the hunt for the perfect travel container. One that will hold the necessary contents, be easy to identify and not leak goo all over my toiletries bag and seep into my clothing (my number one pet peeve).

So, imagine my surprise when perusing the aisles at Whole Foods one day when I encountered these little beauties. A variety of colors to choose from, a wide mouth to allow for ease of product transfer, a small window that will allow you to select the contents (sun, shampoo, soap or lotion anyone?) and a seal within the lid that makes leakage a thing of the past.

Now, with my liquid, gel and cream toiletries firmly in their bottles, I no longer have to worry whether the rugged toss from a baggage handler or abnormal pressure will result in sticky mess. I’m free to concentrate on other things, like making that final ascent to the top of Mt. Madison or containing a child-like excitement over the prospect of touching down in St. Thomas.


3 thoughts on “Gizmos, Gadgets and Gear…Oh My!

    • Ugh, that’s the worst. I don’t know why the ritual of taking everything out of your toiletry bag, rinsing each piece and drying it off is so maddening, but it kills me every time it happens. Here’s to a leak-free trip! 🙂

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