Taking a Technological Trip

Today’s 30 Days of Indie Travel Project has me scratching my head a little bit.

Travel and technology. Two words that go together thanks to portal technological advances and an abundance of free wi-fi popping up around the globe. But in thinking about my approach to travel, technology really hasn’t factored in, like the iPhone 3GS travel commercial would suggest.

Sure, I’ve traveled with my iPhone and cell phone, using its built-in GPS to confirm I’m going the right way, but I guess I’m just a little more old school (call me a Luddite if you must). Give me a Lonely Planet and a Moleskine, and I’m good to go. Well that, and tuneage.

Day 23: Technology

Where would today’s travelers be without smartphones, GPS, iPods, iPads, or even the internet? Share one item of tech you can’t live without or tell us how technology has changed the way you travel.

Music is my radar. And when traveling, to be able to carry my favorite music with me is crucial. Over the years, it hasn’t always been the easiest.

The Sony Walkman

This wasn’t my first Walkman per se, but it is the one I took with me on our Graves family trip to Europe. Being able to sit in the back of the rental car, listening to UB40 and Bob Marley, along with the Rogers & Hammerstein “Sound of Music” soundtrack, made me realize how music is the ultimate travel companion.

Want to add a soundtrack to the landscape flying past your window? Walkman.

Need to find a better way to ignore your obnoxious little brother? Walkman.

Tossing and turning because your dad is snoring? You guessed it! Walkman.

The Sony Discman 

So the technology got better, when compact discs replaced cassette tapes. The quality was better and you could listen to the same CD over and over without worrying that the tape will break. The only problem? Discman’s weren’t so great from a space standpoint, you had the awkward jewel cases (before CaseLogic entered the picture) and heaven forbid you didn’t hold that sucker on a flat surface.


Steve Jobs. He understood the importance of being able to bring the music you love with you, without the antiquated technology, but preserving the all important power of the “mixed tape” playlist. My iPod is the ultimate travel companion. I can take my entire music collection with me, create playlists on the go, pick-up a new album or song based upon what I hear in a new city or town. It’s a reformed music junkie’s dream come true.

So no matter where I travel to or what landscape whizzes past my window, I know I’ll be able to find the perfect song to complete my travel soundtrack.


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